Rich Henderson, Sales & Marketing

“Lea-Ann challenged us to think outside of our comfort zone, pushing us to consider new market opportunities…”

- Rich Henderson, Sales & Marketing

Lea-Ann works with film teams to develop and oversee production and promotional efforts. When on set, Lea-Ann will jump-in to hold the camera, throw on headsets to listen to sound, and is always willing to drive the get-away car!

In Post-Production

Lea-Ann is currently tapping into her creative and project management skills as the Pioneers in Skirts producer, writer and marketer. Her 2nd time working with Director Ashley Maria; previously on the short documentary film Business & Professional Women: A History, A Movement.

Pioneers in Skirts is a film about women who want great things for their careers — and the obstacles that get in their way. Told through Ashley’s perspective as a filmmaker who lives and works in Hollywood, the film tells a true story of learning how to battle the fact that careers are much more complicated and difficult when a woman tries to have one.

Due to premiere early in 2017, you can learn more and watch bonus video at PioneersInSkirts.com!

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