Tom Bronikowski, Learning Executive

“Lea-Ann has been a driving force in our successful client marketing and communication initiatives. Her unique insight and creativity have been a key to our success in marketing our Learning Programs to Fortune 500 clients. Lea-Ann has created a strategic plan for the global execution of a campaign to get employees to sign up for, attend, and evaluate a learning initiative.

Lea-Ann created a collaborative plan involving both the client and Expertus resources. Her plan exceeded their requirements, and develop and execute the tactical pieces — successfully. Another value that Lea-Ann brings is in developing and documented the process so that is repeatable for future events.”

- Tom Bronikowski, Learning Executive

Lea-Ann works with film teams to develop and oversee promotional efforts. From Kickstarter to distribution, Lea-Ann, and – if needed – a community of experts and creatives, enjoys joining-in to help producers define

  • the unique audience — who, where, and why they will watch the film,
  • create an online marketing presence with fans who follow and engage, and
  • track what efforts are working (and what’s not).

It’s all about building a community that not only appreciates and/or benefits from you film — it also attracts distributors who appreciate the fact that you already have a community!

Lea-Ann steps in as Producer too —

Lea-Ann is currently tapping into her creative and project management skills as the Pioneers in Skirts producer, writer and marketer. Her 2nd time working with Director Ashley Maria; previously on the short documentary film called, Business & Professional Women: A History, A Movement.

Pioneers in Skirts is a break-through movie about the gender-bias and sexism that can chip away at a woman, hurt her potential, and make her re-think her dreams. In post-production, click through to PioneersInSkirts.com to learn more about the film!