Theresa Carter, Workshop Participant

“I was fortunate enough to attend a planning session for BPW that was facilitate by Lea-Ann. She guided us through the steps necessary to identify our current position as an organization, our goals and how to achieve these goals. Results of this planning session will help us position ourselves in our area, and set direction for our organization to successfully move forward.”

- Theresa Carter, Workshop Participant

Leading project efforts

Organizations that don’t employ a cross functional in-house marketing team are searching for marketing consultant who is experienced and has a fresh perspective. They typically are looking for an outsourced professional marketer to give them what they need, when they need it.

A global activation outsourced marketer, Lea-Ann steps in to be a hands-on consultant for clients (big and small) in need of an expert to help them be more effective and dynamic in their marketing approach. She works closely with teams to develop and execute plans, as well as tactical approaches that meet and engage with their prospects at different stages of the buying cycle.

Lea-Ann’s experience in a nutshell —
a) She has corporate and consultative brand-building experience at all stages of the product life cycle, and
b) She’s well versed in the formulation of the overall marketing mix (digital and traditional), and
c)  She will work with you to develop specific messages you need for an effective sales force delivery.


producerLea-Ann is also the Producer of Pioneers in Skirts and other films!

Tapping into a career that spans over 20 years, she works with film teams to develop and oversee production efforts as well as a movies’ go-to-premiere branding, promotional strategies and activation efforts needed to realize the intended outcomes.

When on set or working with a client, she is willing to jump-in to hold a camera, commandeer a branded hover-craft through crowds of interested prospects, or drive the get-away car…as long as it’s legal! Find out more about Lea-Ann and her filmmaking credits by visiting her IMDb page.