Gordon Johnson, VP Marketing

“I brought Lea-Ann in knowing that these were challenging customers — with complex initiatives. She jumped in late in the go-to-market process and developed strategic and tactical plans, implemented them and made these e-learning programs overwhelmingly successful.”

- Gordon Johnson, VP Marketing

In the beginning

Sleddogg was started early in 2002 as a result of a phone conversation with my Dad. I had just walked in the door of my home after a long day of sitting with the leadership team of a small tech business. I had recently left my corporate job to do some soul-searching. I had loads of experience, but I also had time on my hands. So, as a favor to a friend – I sat down with a team of experienced tech guru’s to help them re-capture their mojo after the Dot-Com Bubble burst.

I was exhausted. It was a lot more work than I thought it would be…I had to always be “on.” I loved it. I felt appreciated and valued. I wanted to do it again.

ExhaustedAs I walked in the living room I grabbed the remote and flicked on the TV. The Iditarod was on. I said to my Dad, “I feel like one of those sled dogs!”

Crashing onto the couch, I spoke with my Dad about why I wanted to develop a business case for Sleddogg Marketing — a consulting firm that would show organizations how to (re)engage and connect with their customers.

Marketing is a science — so, to many, it’s exciting and overwhelming at the same time. It’s data-driven, and full of experience-oriented insights that are complicated with pattern recognition and modeled approaches. When marketing is done right, we end up with a plan for controlled experiments that are coupled with curiosity and openness to learning.

It can be a bit confusing too.

It was for me when I first started out over 20 years ago. But I got better at it over time. I started Sleddogg so that I can help bring a little bit of zen to the chaos of marketing. My goal was to leave each customer with the confidence they needed to overcome the chaos.

Fast forward to today

I’ve spent the last 14 years working with clients to develop implementation activities that utilize existing organizational strengths. I totally get it — we all need to find ways to do more with fewer resources. Coupled with the latest marketing trends for relevance, context, and effective delivery, I help my clients create brand-building experiences and promotional programs that utilize an overall marketing mix within digital and traditional environments.

My Commitment To You

2002: Founded | 2006: Incorporated in North Carolina, USA

headshotFounder and Principal, Lea-Ann W. Berst

For well over a decade I have been working as an out-of-house program marketing department. As Principal at Sleddogg, I am a business consultant hired by medium-large sized businesses to build marketing campaigns and put them into action.

I am known for my pragmatic thinking. When you choose to work with me, I commit to ensuring your marketing project is in line with business goals and complements your existing marketing portfolio.

How We Work Together

Using a proven approach

The process starts off with what I call a “level-set.”  I sit down with your team to analyze who your targeted audience is, what your competitive environment and market positioning looks like, and begin to size your products’ inherent and unique benefits, value, or competitive advantage.

After determining what your desired perception in the market should look like — together we work to exploit key advantages and meaningful differences when creating your “promise of value”, the tone of your overall message, and execute with strategic campaigns and tactical efforts.

During this phase we are developing a coordinated product and/or communications strategy that can be executed at all levels (global, regional, local). I then work across business units with the leadership team and cross-functional team members to ensure brand collaboration and consistency within the approach.

We will work to find ways to continually measure effectiveness. Through data collection and analysis, we will proactively make adjustments in order to achieve the goal.

The process works! This efficient and strategic process provides an immediate action plan that leads to a successful execution of marketing tactics.

What I Can Do For You

LeaAnn ScreenshotI have the experience to help you with complex marketing objectives. I can…

  • Help you satisfy and influence customer demand for existing products and services
  • Coordinate and manage your major events (tradeshows, sponsorship programs, etc.)
  • Manage your executive dashboard reporting; tracking tasks and critical success factors
  • Lead the way when you need to launch new/transitioned products and services
  • Assist you in business development and hospitality activities as well as routes-to-market strategies
  • Develop marketing initiatives to stimulate your sales across customer segments
  • Speak on your behalf at industry events
  • Work with your creative talent/agencies to develop and manage communications materials
  • Teach your team about marketing and show them how to focus on obtaining a global reach

Link: Online CV


I have a wealth of knowledge in brand development, demand generation, product marketing, channel marketing and product development — and industry experience in:

Sponsorship Marketing / Olympic – Computer Technology – Film – Retail / Consumer Goods (CPG/online) – Non Profit Associations / Member-based Organizations – Training – International Schools – Environmental