Bill Ruchte, CEO

“Working with Lea-Ann during our 3-month Advisory Workshop, our company was able to rapidly develop a more focused market positioning for our services. She was able to quickly understand our vision, our history, and our current position and help us devise a strategic marketing plan for moving forward.

Her questions and the processes that she introduced us to helped us better understand ourselves at the same time that she gained an understanding of us. I think that Lea-Ann went beyond the normal consulting relationship and became personally interested in us as a company. I would highly recommend her services to anyone but our competitors!”

- Bill Ruchte, CEO

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The Challenge:

Convince the technical of technical that learning and collaborating online was sexy

Microsoft’s technology teams were accustomed to sending their best-of-the-best to the U.S. to learn about the newest products and collaborate in a learning environment with like-minded co-workers and instructors. It was a 2-week event that would take the movers and shakers away from the customer; away from revenue-driving initiatives. Microsoft knew it had to develop the right collaborative learning environment for these talented and brilliant technology experts in order to convince them that staying home to learn was better for them and for the Company.

The Approach:

Product: Dynamic learning thought leader Expertus developed a complete digital learning experience program designed to give attendees opportunities to learn and collaborate anytime and in the Cloud.

Marketing: Learning initiatives that blend formal, informal and collaborative elements can be very effective at achieving that goal. But convincing people to learn and collaborate isn’t always easy — especially when new technology is being introduced. That’s when a thoughtful marketing strategy can make a big difference.

Working with Expertus and their client, Microsoft, we launched the program with a limited scope to test the waters. Adhering to strict guidelines for employee communications, distributed invitation and executive eBlasts, submitted benefit and awareness articles to various online internal magazines, developed learning tools as giveaway’s, and branded imaging and guidelines.

Read more about what it takes to get employees to sign up and show up for learning initiatives: LMS Adoption: How to Win Champions for New Learning Technology

Employees realized that cloud learning is the right…and better choice.

After the initial launch far exceeded enrollment and attendance expectations, we broadened the targeted communications effort to say, “Not only are your learning experiences tailored to your unique learning needs, they support your growth as a valuable asset to your customers, keep you in the office, and allow you time at home.”


Because the product had such a dynamic social platform, we were able to tell the story in two 3D animation videos; using video to build a relationship between the Microsoft business unit and the learner.

The Results:

The ‘best-of-the-best’ felt the respect they so needed from their employer. Enrollment and collaboration spiked, positive feedback was received!

The employer was happy too! They had their best employees in-country to focus on being up-to-date and empowered to do the job, available for Sales opportunities, and home where their life was.

Lea-Ann has been a driving force in our client marketing and communication initiatives. In this case, Lea-Ann created a strategic plan for the global execution of the campaign to get employees to sign up for, attend, and evaluate a learning initiative. She created a collaborative plan involving both the client and Expertus resources. Her plan exceeded their requirements – she developed and executed the tactical pieces — successfully. Another value that Lea-Ann brings is in developing and documented the process so that is repeatable for future events.

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