Ashley Maria, Filmmaker

“Lea-Ann was brought on board to help our film develop and execute promotional approaches during production and for our premiere. As a strategist and a marketer who has a lot of experience with events and audience engagement, we knew we were in good hands. She was brought in to help us figure out our approach, and then put on retainer to help us execute. ​

We were even complimented by the Sundance grant committee because of how well we defined our film’s target audience and strategy. They actually had never seen it so well-defined, thanks to Lea-Ann! ​

We’re currently working with her for the second time — BPW: A History A Movement and now Pioneers in Skirts™ — with plans to continue into the future.”

- Ashley Maria, Filmmaker

specializing in marketing that works


Lea-Ann manages sophisticated marketing programs for companies who want to take advantage of their sponsorship dollars.


Lea-Ann helps teams harness their collective experiences and collaborate when solving strategic and marketing challenges.


Helping film teams develop and execute promotional efforts during production, for the premiere, and during distribution.

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