Gordon Johnson, VP Marketing

“Lea-Ann is one of those rare individuals who you can depend on to get the job done, no matter how high the odds are stacked against her. She is the ultimate self-starter who has always exceeded my expectations.

I recently brought her in to develop and manage two marketing programs at Microsoft and Glaxo-Smith Kline, knowing that these were challenging customers who had complex projects. In both cases, she jumped in late in the go-to-market process and developed strategic and tactical plans, implemented them and made these programs overwhelmingly successful. I only exaggerate slightly when I say that no mere mortal could have done this.

Regarding Lea-Ann’s personal characteristics, she has impeccable integrity, is passionate about her work, highly charismatic, confident, strategic-thinking, highly organized, detail-oriented and focused heavily on meeting deadlines with high-quality deliverables. Lea-Ann is money in the bank. I give her my highest recommendation.”

- Gordon Johnson, VP Marketing

I work with film teams when they need a professional marketer to manage their promotional efforts. From fundraising to distribution, I help producers to:

  • define their unique audience — who, where, and why they will watch the film,
  • create an online marketing presence with fans who follow and engage, and
  • track what efforts are working (and what’s not).

It’s all about building a community and be appealing to distributors.

I am currently tapping into my creative and project management skills as the Pioneers in Skirts™ producer, writer and marketer. In post production, Pioneers in Skirts is a feature documentary that will show how we ALL can play a role in identifying, confronting and resolving the sexism and bias women experience throughout their lives.