Rich Henderson, Director of Marketing

“During a 2-month Advisory Workshop, Lea-Ann assisted us in creating a true brand identity, market differentiation, and alignment with our experience and offerings. She challenged us to think outside of our comfort zone, pushing us to consider new market opportunities and giving us powerful insights into our true value-add for clients. One of the most valuable things that Lea-Ann worked with us on is a well-designed path for future growth and changes.”

- Rich Henderson, Director of Marketing

Leading project efforts

I’ve been working in traditional and digital marketing for over 20 years. I start each day loving what I do: developing marketing strategies and putting them into action.

Maybe it’s the challenge, or perhaps it’s the good feeling I get when working in partnership with clients – but I really enjoy being part of a team dedicated to building successful marketing approaches that integrate with company-wide initiatives.

From Olympic sponsorship activation to figuring out how to stand out in a competitive crowd, I enjoy using my corporate and consultative experience at all stages of the effort.

When I worked with a TOP sponsor during the Beijing Olympic Games, I functioned day-to-day with their multi-country team within many cultures, as well as designated agencies, to lead global development of Olympic Torch Relay marketing and hospitality campaigns.

That was certainly a very big job. But I also enjoy much smaller issue-based or campaign-focused jobs! Whatever the size, I step in wanting to understand the landscape; developing a broad understanding of existing organizational strengths. Working closely with project teams, business partners and outsourced agencies, decades of corporate and consultative experience have qualified me to lead marketing efforts of planning and activation.

I thrive in —
– Developing unique and engaging brand content and distributing it where it makes an impact
– Gathering audience insights that improve the approach
– Utilizing social media to engage and grow top-of-mind
– Upholding and enhancing brand values
– Communicating strategic application plans and marketing objectives in order to ensure a seamless execution
– Working closely with cross functional stakeholders; setting mutual objectives and developing timely, efficient and high quality brand content solutions
– Leading reporting efforts; aggregation of data, analysis and findings

On my free time I’m also the Producer of documentary films. Currently I’m working on Pioneers in Skirts™!