Gordon Johnson, VP Marketing

“Lea-Ann is one of those rare individuals who you can depend on to get the job done, no matter how high the odds are stacked against her. She is the ultimate self-starter who has always exceeded my expectations.

I recently brought her in to develop and manage two marketing programs at Microsoft and Glaxo-Smith Kline, knowing that these were challenging customers who had complex projects. In both cases, she jumped in late in the go-to-market process and developed strategic and tactical plans, implemented them and made these programs overwhelmingly successful. I only exaggerate slightly when I say that no mere mortal could have done this.

Regarding Lea-Ann’s personal characteristics, she has impeccable integrity, is passionate about her work, highly charismatic, confident, strategic-thinking, highly organized, detail-oriented and focused heavily on meeting deadlines with high-quality deliverables. Lea-Ann is money in the bank. I give her my highest recommendation.”

- Gordon Johnson, VP Marketing

Whether it is a product or campaign activation, when it comes to marketing,  I have realized one thing: companies need to see themselves as their customers do. For 15 years I have been working as an out-of-house program marketing department. As Principal at Sleddogg, I am a business consultant hired by businesses to build marketing campaigns and put them into action.


2002: Founded | 2006: Incorporated in North Carolina, USA

headshotFounder and Principal, Lea-Ann W. Berst

When you choose to work with me, I commit to being your partner (vs. your vendor). I will make sure your marketing project is in line with your business goals and complements the marketing and product portfolio you’ve worked so very hard to maintain.

Working Together

Using a proven approach

The process starts off with what I call a “level-set.”  I sit down with your team to analyze who your targeted audience is, what your competitive environment and market positioning looks like, and begin to size your products’ inherent and unique benefits, value, or competitive advantage.

After determining what your desired perception in the market should look like — together we work to exploit key advantages and meaningful differences when creating your “promise of value”, the tone of your overall message, and execute with strategic campaigns and tactical efforts.

During this phase we are developing a coordinated product and/or communications strategy that can be executed at all levels (global, regional, local). I then work across business units with the leadership team and cross-functional team members to ensure brand collaboration and consistency within the approach.

We will work to find ways to continually measure effectiveness. Through data collection and analysis, we will proactively make adjustments in order to achieve the goal.

The process works! This efficient and strategic process provides an immediate action plan that leads to a successful execution of marketing tactics.

Experience You Can Count On

LeaAnn ScreenshotI have the experience to help you with complex marketing objectives. I can…

  • Help you satisfy and influence customer demand for existing products and services
  • Coordinate and manage your major events (tradeshows, sponsorship programs, etc.)
  • Manage your executive dashboard reporting; tracking tasks and critical success factors
  • Lead the way when you need to launch new/transitioned products and services
  • Assist you in business development and hospitality activities as well as routes-to-market strategies
  • Develop marketing initiatives to stimulate your sales across customer segments
  • Speak on your behalf at industry events
  • Work with your creative talent/agencies to develop and manage communications materials
  • Teach your team about marketing and show them how to focus on obtaining a global reach

Link: Online CV


I have a wealth of knowledge in brand development, demand generation, product marketing, channel marketing and product development, with industry experience in the following areas: Olympic • Computer Technology • Film • Retail • Member-based NonProfit Organizations • Training • International Schools • Environmental.