Jim Thompson, Executive Director

“When the Association Executives of North Carolina created a new vision and mission statement we realized quickly we wanted certain groups to recognize us, but we had no idea what we wanted to say. That’s when we were introduced to Lea-Ann. What a treat that was. During a 1-week Advisory Workshop, Lea-Ann guided our organization down a path that helped us understand our value proposition, better than even some strategic planners we’ve used before, and helped us develop clear and well thought out messaging that we can take to our key audiences. We learned a lot about our organization during this process. I had some pretty high expectations going into this process and let’s just say that Lea-Ann exceeded them. Great work!!”

- Jim Thompson, Executive Director

What others say matters most

Not only can testimonials be incredibly effective for providing prospects with insights into how well I do my job, it can be just the thing to convince a wavering prospect into a customer. So, in the spirit of increasing conversions, trust and sales, here’s a sampling of what clients have said about me.

People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend.” – Mark Zuckerberg

Cathy Sanita, Operations ManagerCathy Sanita, Operations Managerbusiness growth workshop

“Lea-Ann facilitated a 2-month workshop that guided us through a thorough examination of our current business model, customers, competition, future prospects and potential markets. They helped us revamp our website, develop promotional literature and kept us on track preparing for a tradeshow. Afterwards we had to hire additional staff to help cover the workload which has resulted from new business from the show! We strongly recommend Lea-Ann from Sleddogg to new businesses, and older businesses that may need new life!”

Tom Bronikowski, Learning Industry ExecutiveTom Bronikowski, Learning Industry Executiveglobal strategic plan

“Lea-Ann has been a driving force in our successful client marketing and communication initiatives. Her unique insight and creativity have been a key to our success in marketing our Learning Programs to Fortune 500 clients. Lea-Ann has created a strategic plan for the global execution of a campaign to get employees to sign up for, attend, and evaluate a learning initiative.

Lea-Ann created a collaborative plan involving both the client and Expertus resources. Her plan exceeded their requirements. She also developed and executed the tactical pieces successfully. Another value that Lea-Ann brings is in developing and documenting the process so that is repeatable for future events.”

Theresa Carter, NonProfit LeaderTheresa Carter, NonProfit Leaderre-positioning workshop

“I was fortunate enough to attend a planning session for BPW that was facilitate by Lea-Ann. She guided us through the steps necessary to identify our current position as an organization, our goals and how to achieve them. Results of this planning session will help us position ourselves in our area, and set direction for our organization to successfully move forward.”

Bill Ruchte, CEOBill Ruchte, CEOproduct positioning workshop

“Working with Lea-Ann during our 3-month Advisory Workshop, our company was able to rapidly develop a more focused market positioning for our services. She was able to quickly understand our vision, our history, and our current position and help us devise a strategic marketing plan for moving forward.

Her questions and the processes that she introduced us to helped us better understand ourselves at the same time that she gained an understanding of us. I think that Lea-Ann went beyond the normal consulting relationship and became personally interested in us as a company. I would highly recommend her services to anyone but our competitors!”

William Coble, Global ServicesWilliam Coble, Global Servicesstrategic and tactical marketing approach

“As the Global Service Manager for pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline, I had the distinct pleasure to hire and collaborate with Lea-Ann to grow our service from a couple of hundred minutes a month to over one million minutes a month in less than 12 months.

Lea-Ann took a vague marketing idea of what we wanted to achieve and made it real. We started with no strategic or tactical marketing processes. Through Lea-Ann’s drive to deliver value, expertise, and know-how, she created a strategy that connected our tactical efforts that she also helped define in order for us to deliver successfully a new training modality, “virtual classroom.”

Her professionalism and 120% contribution made it possible within time and budget. I would only do it again if she was working alongside of me.”

Li Li Leung, Sports MarketingLi Li Leung, Sports MarketingOlympic campaign marketing

“Sharing the same client on an Olympic effort, our agency found Lea-Ann a joy to work with. She was responsive, knowledgeable, and gave clear direction thereby making us more productive in our responsibilities.

Lea-Ann worked well under pressure and was able to keep a positive and upbeat attitude at all times. She worked extremely well with our team and we were lucky to have her as our contact. We wish more consultants were like her.”

Ashley Maria, FilmmakerAshley Maria, Filmmakertargeted marketing and outreach

“Lea-Ann was brought on board to help our film develop and execute promotional approaches during production and for our premiere. As a strategist and a marketer who has a lot of experience with events and audience engagement, we knew we were in good hands. She was brought in to help us figure out our approach, and then put on retainer to help us execute. ​

We were even complimented by the Sundance grant committee because of how well we defined our film’s target audience and strategy. They actually had never seen it so well-defined, thanks to Lea-Ann! ​We’re currently working with her for the second time — BPW: A History A Movement and now Pioneers in Skirts™ — with plans to continue into the future.”