Jean Cai, Director Olympic Marketing

“Lea-Ann worked smoothly across cultures and coordinated Olympic activation team members from different countries working towards a common goal. When there was uncertainty and ambiguity, she was still able to drive the team towards a clear direction and energize members not to lose focus!”

- Jean Cai, Director Olympic Marketing

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ACTIVATION MANAGEMENT ACTIVATION MANAGEMENT Effectively managing standalone or sophisticated engagement marketing programs
FACILITATED WORKSHOPS FACILITATED WORKSHOPS Guided experiences designed to help teams work on customized marketing projects

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Bringing AR & VR into the public consciousness…

Bringing AR & VR into the public consciousness…

Pokemon Go is bringing AR into the public consciousness – which is very good for filmmaker Ashley Maria!! Ashley Maria is a film and immersive video writer/director. She’s an award-winning filmmaker who, in 2015, having developed the first ever 360 immersive virtual reality Kickstarter update video! Ashley Maria’s article was originally posted on this filmmakers’ website, reposted with permission. Click […]
Crashing An Event Can Work Out

Crashing An Event Can Work Out

Posted by on Jan 27, 2016 in Blog, Expert Marketing Tips
A couple of months ago a friend phoned to tell me she was thinking about attending the Sundance Film Festival. She had a great idea — crash the event to promote her upcoming web series. At first, my excitement quickly evolved into loads and loads of ideas. Getting exposure at a high-profile event can be a […]
Free Seminar: From Olympics to Small Town Sponsorship

Free Seminar: From Olympics to Small Town Sponsorship

How to use a sponsorship to build your business — Solopreneurs, especially freelance creatives, typically shy away from “selling” themselves to get new business. Many would like to find a way to create exciting and less stressful ways to grow their business and meet prospects.  For those who enjoy being involved with their community and in […]

What Clients Are Saying

Sheji Ho, Olympic Digital Marketing

“Lea-Ann was our international marketing consultant for Lenovo’s Beijing 2008 Olympic Marketing Program. In this role, she drove our Olympic marketing initiatives across more than 20 countries. Lea-Ann was more than just a consultant — she was a leader, a mentor, and a friend to everyone in the team. Whatever project you hire Lea-Ann for, she is guaranteed to leave a lasting impact because she cares about your results and your people.”

- Sheji Ho, Olympic Digital Marketing
Amber Benton – Yeti Marketing Team Mentor

“Lea-Ann helped grow my understanding of marketing exponentially. She helped my team discover what their assets are, determine their audience and what this target audience wants to hear. I haven’t experienced anyone who helps organizations bring all these components of efficient marketing in a way that is relevant for today’s social economy in the way that Lea-Ann did for us.”

- Amber Benton – Yeti Marketing Team Mentor
Jim Thompson, Executive Director

“Lea-Ann guided our organization down a path that helped us understand our value proposition, better than even some strategic planners we’ve used before, and helped us develop clear and well thought out messaging that we can take to our key audiences. We learned a lot about our organization during this process.”

- Jim Thompson, Executive Director