Gordon Johnson, VP Marketing

“I brought Lea-Ann in knowing that these were challenging customers — with complex initiatives. She jumped in late in the go-to-market process and developed strategic and tactical plans, implemented them and made these e-learning programs overwhelmingly successful.”

- Gordon Johnson, VP Marketing

specializing in marketing that works

ACTIVATION MANAGEMENT ACTIVATION MANAGEMENT Lea-Ann manages sophisticated marketing programs for companies who want to take advantage of their sponsorship dollars.
TEAM WORKSHOPS TEAM WORKSHOPS Lea-Ann helps teams harness their collective experiences and collaborate when solving strategic and marketing challenges.
MOVIE PRODUCER MOVIE PRODUCER Lea-Ann works with film teams to develop and oversee production and promotional efforts.

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How To (Successfully) Crash An Industry Event

How To (Successfully) Crash An Industry Event

Posted on Jan 23, 2017
Getting exposure at a high-profile event can be a tricky thing, but oh my gosh — what a great idea!
Bringing AR & VR into the public consciousness…

Bringing AR & VR into the public consciousness…

Posted on Jul 25, 2016
Pokemon Go is bringing AR into the public consciousness, which is very good for filmmaker Ashley Maria —

Testimonial Sampling

Jean Cai, Olympic Marketing

“Working across cultures, Lea-Ann led Olympic activation teams from different countries working towards a common goal…”

- Jean Cai, Olympic Marketing
Rich Henderson, Sales & Marketing

“Lea-Ann challenged us to think outside of our comfort zone, pushing us to consider new market opportunities…”

- Rich Henderson, Sales & Marketing
Sheji Ho, Digital Marketing

“Lea-Ann was more than just a consultant — she was a leader, a mentor, and a friend to everyone in the team…”

- Sheji Ho, Digital Marketing