Bill Ruchte, CEO

“Working with Lea-Ann during our 3-month Advisory Workshop, our company was able to rapidly develop a more focused market positioning for our services. She was able to quickly understand our vision, our history, and our current position and help us devise a strategic marketing plan for moving forward.

Her questions and the processes that she introduced us to helped us better understand ourselves at the same time that she gained an understanding of us. I think that Lea-Ann went beyond the normal consulting relationship and became personally interested in us as a company. I would highly recommend her services to anyone but our competitors!”

- Bill Ruchte, CEO

Bringing AR & VR into the public consciousness…

Posted by on Jul 25, 2016

Pokemon Go is bringing AR into the public consciousness, which is very good for filmmaker Ashley Maria — a film and immersive video writer/director.

Bringing AR & VR into the public consciousness…

Click on image below to read Ashley Maria’s “prequel” article posted on the Lenovo blog. ** reposted with permission **