Amber Benton – Robotics Team

“Lea-Ann helped grow my understanding of marketing exponentially. She helped my team discover what their assets are, determine their audience and what this target audience wants to hear. I haven’t experienced anyone who helps organizations bring all these components of efficient marketing in a way that is relevant for today’s social economy in the way that Lea-Ann did for us.”

- Amber Benton – Robotics Team

Lea-Ann was our international marketing consultant for Lenovo’s Beijing 2008 Olympic Marketing Program. In this role, she drove our Olympic marketing initiatives across more than 20 countries.

Lea-Ann was more than just a consultant — she was a leader, a mentor, and a friend to everyone in the team. Whatever project you hire Lea-Ann for, she is guaranteed to leave a lasting impact because she cares about your results and your people. — Sheji Ho, Olympic Digital Marketing

Engaging and meeting the changing needs of people and organizations

Delivering on a brand promise with a positive and interactive experience involves an engagement program that’s integrated with existing marketing campaigns. Lea-Ann knows how to take a marketing strategy and capitalize on existing organizational strengths and opportunities. As a marketing consultant, her guidance during marketing activation results in more deliberate decision-making.

Canberra, Australia: wow the crowds!

When you hire Lea-Ann she gives 100% to —

  • making sure your brand is widely recognizable by, and engaging with, your target audience;
  • ensuring that people are interested in your brand;
  • effectively positioning and connecting your brand with key stakeholders; and
  • telling your story so that it is memorable and relatable!

Lea-Ann knows the market we live in today is highly attuned to value; buyers are better educated about product, and more aware of the global arena we operate in. That’s why she works with organizations to find ways to showcase their market positioning and to engage and reach prospects, customers, and business partners — which is constantly changing and evolving!

View Olympic Torch Relay Example

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Social media and SEO are major marketing mix players

Lea-Ann works to augment marketing content in order to engage with a larger audience base. Coupled with user generated content (which is one of the most trusted source of online content), online relationships are strengthened when content speaks to the needs and lives of an audience.

Done right, digital media campaigns can help position your organization for success, be more competitive, and build a portfolio with dedicated followers.

Project management beyond milestone charts

Knowing that effective teamwork will help her to manage your project most successfully, Lea-Ann works to build a culture of teamwork. She also has strong project management skills, attention to detail, and the ability to juggle multiple priorities while applying the key skill of time management!