Jim Thompson, Executive Director

“Lea-Ann guided our organization down a path that helped us understand our value proposition, better than even some strategic planners we’ve used before, and helped us develop clear and well thought out messaging that we can take to our key audiences. We learned a lot about our organization during this process.”

- Jim Thompson, Executive Director

Working with Lea-Ann, we were able to rapidly develop a more focused market positioning for our services. She was able to quickly understand our vision, our history, and our current position and help us devise a strategic marketing plan for moving forward. Her questions and the processes that she introduced us to helped us better understand ourselves at the same time that she gained an understanding of us.  — Bill Ruchte, Technology Executive

A facilitator of strategic approach workshops she calls Advisory Panels, Lea-Ann provides guided experiences designed to help teams work on customized projects within a work-session environment.

Harness the collective experiences of your team

Typically 1 -3 months long, the Advisory Panel Workshops harness the collective experiences of different groups from across your business/organizations. Aimed at solving current marketing challenges within a work-session environment, Lea-Ann creates a set of customized experiences designed for internal collaboration.

[See Move workshops for those who need to experience change in a week]

As a team the Advisory Panel works together to:

  • Size the needs and values of your customers
  • Outline what sets your organization or products apart
  • Define the exact perception desired and develop the messaging (talking points) that will motivate a response
  • Determine what types of marketing materials should be used

You can look to Lea-Ann to lead the efforts of this task; working with your team to create a plan for reaching the right audience with the right message at the right place and time!

View International School Example

View Nonprofit Association Example

What do you walk away with?

1. You’re armed with the plan for how to set yourself apart —

  • Better position your organization in the market
  • Take advantage of your existing organizational strengths
  • Determine strategic and tactical approaches that meet your business goals
  • Communicate effectively with target audiences, inspiring them to move toward a desired behavior

2. You’re armed with the knowledge for how to develop innovative and collaborative habits and routines among your internal functional teams. You will learn about systematic marketing approaches that result in successful execution!

3. You’re armed with a detailed marketing whitepaper outlining the outcomes of the effort, issues or concerns discovered, and recommended next steps for a greater impact to your marketing effort.

Who should participate in your workshop?

It is important that workshop participants intimately know your customers, prospects and industry. From employees to business partners to volunteers, your advisory board should have the knowledge needed to help define and address your complex challenges.

Sleddogg workshops are unique experiences that empower corporate, association, and nonprofit cross-functional teams to unite their expertise when developing effective marketing tactics!