Jim Thompson, Executive Director

“When the Association Executives of North Carolina created a new vision and mission statement we realized quickly we wanted certain groups to recognize us, but we had no idea what we wanted to say. That’s when we were introduced to Lea-Ann. What a treat that was. During a 1-week Advisory Workshop, Lea-Ann guided our organization down a path that helped us understand our value proposition, better than even some strategic planners we’ve used before, and helped us develop clear and well thought out messaging that we can take to our key audiences. We learned a lot about our organization during this process. I had some pretty high expectations going into this process and let’s just say that Lea-Ann exceeded them. Great work!!”

- Jim Thompson, Executive Director

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The Challenge:

To convince employees that online learning can be just as good as or better than classroom learning.

Employees around the world knew how to learn… they knew how to get on a plane and attend lessons in a classroom setting at key Company locations around the world. As the Company grew and technology improved, it made sense, and it was time, to convert seats & butt learners into virtual classroom learners.

The Approach:

Grew the product portfolio and met the unique needs of the business.

We drafted a strategic approach and gained executive buy-in to fund the project. After revisions to the product offering so that we could meet specific divisional needs, we worked with development teams to create and launch learning modules. With a goal to grow the product portfolio and continue to meet the unique business unit needs, we began with a global roadshow and maintained momentum with employee contests and frequent integrated communications.

The Results:

Launched a new training modality called “virtual classroom” by convincing cross-divisional leaders to budget for and support the learning program and showing learners the benefits of learning virtually.

Lea-Ann took a vague marketing idea of what we wanted to achieve and made it real. We started with no strategic and tactical marketing processes. Through Lea-Ann’s drive to deliver value, expertise, and know-how, she created a strategy that connected our tactical efforts that she also helped define in order for us to deliver successfully a new training modality, “virtual classroom.”

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